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Purposeful photographs that capture the essence
of your brand.
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Enhance your professional presence, and engage your audience.

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Our Expertise

With a unique blend of expertise and deep understanding of marketing principles, branding strategies, and user experience design we take a  holistic approach to brand photography, ensuring that every image we capture is not only visually stunning but also aligned with your marketing goals and brand identity.

Our design-thinking approach

We dive deep into understanding your audience's preferences, behaviors, and desires, we create images that resonate with them and spark engagement.

We value your input and actively involve you throughout the process, ensuring that the images we capture  aligns with your vision and exceeds your expectations.

Our Process
We kick off the process by scheduling a pre-shoot discovery call with you.
This call allows us to connect personally and discuss your ideas, hopes, and expectations for the brand photography session. To gather in-depth details about your brand, we

send you an interactive questionnaire.

Armed with the insights gathered from the discovery call and questionnaire.
We develop a brand photography plan that is custom-tailored to your brand's aesthetic, message, and marketing goals.
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Before the actual shoot takes place, we conduct thorough research.
To ensure that the chosen locations, props, and overall styling align with your brand and the desired narrative and develop a mood board.
We handle the logistics of booking suitable locations for the shoot.
Additionally, if makeup services are needed, we arrange for a professional makeup artist to enhance the overall look and ensure a polished presentation
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Growing your social media platforms requires beautiful and strategic photos that capture your brand. Having go-to photos that you know align with your brand and your message for the times you get really busy is SOOO helpful.


Krystle is patient and thoughtful in creating her plan for each photography branding session. She will work with you to ensure she captures images that are authentic and images that will be useful in your brand strategy. Highly recommend! 

Kristen King Jaiven, Lawyer & Author

With all the necessary details in place, we meticulously map out the shoot from beginning to end.

Throughout the entire process, we maintain open lines of communication, collaborating with you to ensure that our photography captures your brand's essence and exceeds your expectations.

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The magic was definitely there! I'm a working actor and print model in NYC. Magic Glam Academy directed the portfolio headshots that helped me book multiple jobs!

Harriette Madeville, Author, Print Model & Actress

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