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Take Control of Your Appearance and
Build a Strong Brand Image.

 Empowering female professionals to take control of their appearance and feel confident in their own skin, so they can focus on their careers and succeed in their businesses.

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Our purpose is to empower and support female entrepreneurs and professionals by helping to develop their personal brand and make a meaningful impact in their industry and the people they serve

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OUR Brand

Magic Glam Academy empowers women in the workforce to look and feel their best, providing tailored resources and support to overcome barriers and prioritize self-care. We help women develop impactful brands aligned with their purpose and offer tools and knowledge for success in both career and personal life.

Our Commuity
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OUR Community

We cater to the needs of ambitious female professionals looking to expand her businesses and exude confidence as the face of their brand.

As a female-owned brand with over 10 years of experience in branding and digital design, we understand the importance of engaging with your target audience and effectively conveying your brand message.

Our goal is to empower you to showcase your brand and expertise with pride through our comprehensive resources and services. From makeup to brand photography, we have you covered.


OUR Vision

We believe by giving women the tools, resources, and direction they need to thrive, we hope to inspire and assist them to realize the full potential of their brands

and accomplish their professional goals.

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